Monday, 9 April 2012

4 Weeks To Go....

Northumberland; it is four weeks to go today before I set off for Rome, after early morning eucharist at St Paul's Cathedral, across Millenium Bridge into Southwark for breakfast, along the Thames Path to Greenwich and out to Dartford. My route will take me thence to Chatham, down the North Downs Way to Canterbury, reaching Dover on 13th May where I will catch a ferry to Calais, the Continent and the adventure continuing.

The next four weeks will be busy, as I prepare my kit, finalise my route and prepare to depart.

Today,however, as I get ready to drive back to London following the Easter week end, it has occurred to me that from now on, until I reach Rome in mid to late July, I will only be heading South so as such my journey is about to begun; like suddenly finding yourself riding a tsunami with a skateboard it is a rather daunting yet exhilarating feeling...

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