Tuesday, 29 May 2012

News from Reims....

326 miles down the Via Francigena and only 1,200 miles to go! The weather,and mood consequently, changed from
Nuclear winter to bright sun and I am now in Reims, the architecture has now noticeably changed from
The Pas de Calais; red brick for limestone, slate for pantile and agriculture for viticulture - I am on the edge of champagne country which is precisely where I am
Headed tomorrow. It is great to be in Reims, a wonderful cathedral city with al the majesty and splendour you would expect of the seat of the coronation of French monarchs for centuries. Laon was equally spectacular perched high on its plateau with views seemingly of all France - I reached there after a gruelling 11 hours on the road including the punishing climb up to St Gobain.

So tomorrow I head to Epernay, through the Foret de la Montagne de Reims, to linger for a few days and to stay with Pol Roger... There have to be some up sides to hauling oneself across Europe in a heat wave!

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