Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Quick Catch Up.....

Forgive me, the last few weeks have been hectic as I pared my very full life from home, dog, job and friends into the contents of a solitary rucksack ... That, at times not easy, process has seemingly been achieved with a lot of help and support to numb the pain along way. I have said farewell countless times and will, no doubt again and again as I make my way across Europe meeting all manner of great characters along the Via. So, here I sit, in the peace of the Dorset countryside, Spring in rude awakening all about - lambs in the fields, swallows on the wing and the place vibrant and green with life. I am waiting like the patient knight before his next move, for church, where the village will send me off - as Chaucer would almost have it, "tis time for pilgrims to seek distant lands...." Let the adventure begin, for that is surely what it is!

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