Tuesday, 15 May 2012

That Hangdog Expression....

With which greetings from France; assuming you can hear me say that above the din from the hail that beats down on both sides of the Channel right now. It's freezing and it's wet but after what can only be described as a grim morning where I learnt what it is like to be a post box, dressed overall in my delightful red kagoule with only a slit to look out from, and one of the most impressive barrages (of thunder) I have endured since Bosnia, I am now in Licques on my way to Arras for the week end. The meteo is all of a sudden growing in importance; tomorrow is set fine but after, indeed for many days after, the whole country may just disappear under water - in which case I will dissolve. It's off to Wisques in the morning and a night in a convent - so that's a first!

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