Tuesday, 5 June 2012

After the fun of the fair....

... it was two days plodding down a canal; ooh how nice I can hear you say but canals, dear friends are tedious places void of life offering you trees and long straight featureless waterways down which to walk for hour after hour after hour after hour after hour... You get the idea!

Then, I went to The Middle of Nowhere which I bet most of you lot think you have been to from time to time but I actually have done now!

Bought a bionic ankle (elastic sleeve)in Vitry as am bored of my left ankle insisting it wants to go home and turn itself right round in the process. Blisters on blisters are getting the hint after some minor surgery and am not walking quite as much like ET stepped in a drawing pin any longer. I think new boots ready for the Alps when I reach Besancon - a bit like second horses really; I wish!

450 miles down track now, this finds me at Brienne le Chateau where Napoleon was educated - a rather splendid place and my patron is a dead ringer for Herman Munster.... Bar sur Aube tomorrow morning.

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