Thursday, 21 June 2012

Greetings from La Suisse!

666 miles done and at long last I am in Switzerland crossing the frontier at 1155 local this morning. This finds me just short of Sainte Croix at L'Auberson.

Many of you have replied to my text as I crossed the border saying how dreadful the weather is in Great Britain at present; at the time, it was sunny in Switzerland but, to reassure you, later I got caught in a torrential downpour the likes of which I have nt seen since Hong Kong - indeed, as I type this the sky is alive with lightening, the heavens are growling in anger and the skies have opened with a vengeance. So, Switzerland is, at present, like that biscuit that's been left to dunk for too long... Very soggy indeed!

Tomorrow, it's off to Orbe and a day later a long haul to Lausanne.

Post script... The lights have just gone out and we have had a direct hit!

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