Friday, 1 June 2012

It has been a difficult week...

From Reims, it was a 29 mile stroll through the Foret de la Montaigne de Reims to Epernay; in short an absolute delight - if a tad long toward the end. Thereafter, to the Chateau de Nesles with its wondrous and varied history and I had the greatest of fun with Charles and Sarah Daireaux, including exercising the horses in the grand Foret de Jougal.

Today, the great Hubert de Billy took me round the cellars of Pol Roger - an arduous task which involved a degree of tasting too; to complete this picture of alcoholic perfection, I ended up in a beer festival this evening.

Tomorrow, it's back to the Via and 30 miles to Challons en Champagne; the road to Langres ....

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