Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bothersome mapping....

Besancon is a delightful city, loaded with history most of which seems to be found at the top of the place; as seems to be the norm nowadays. The citadel which dominates the Doubs river is a fine example of Vauban's masterful engineering and is a remarkable sight to behold. There are, however, dark secrets within. I, typically, had to climb the thing with a hangover as, this being the first big city I have been in since London, celebration was in the air when I arrived - what can I say other than Guinness, rose and vodka simply don't mix. So, I spent most of today with my head in my hands looking for a UFO to get me off this planet. Better. Now but once again I have taken my vows of sobriety.... Probably until next Saturday when I arrive in Geneva!

The road here has been a delight, as I walked from Gray to Marnay and finally Besancon itself. Foothills they call them
Here but in fact no more big shakes than Hambledon Hill at home; that said, you have to start somewhere and as of tomorrow, when I head towards Pontarlier and the Swiss border (Thursday), the map gets very cramped and bothered with contour lines. Up into the mountains we go... The Grand Saint Bernard Pass on 29th June and Italy on 30th June. It's all go from now on!

Photos: Marnay high street and lake; astronomical clock in Besancon cathedral, Besancon from
The ramparts; pretty house I was invited into in Hugier; a sign that I am getting there and the perfect end to a day!

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